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At Reyda (Beijing) International Exhibition Co., Ltd. We are focus on the international exhibition consultation, transnational trade solutions, and business conference services. With a decade-long legacy of excellence, we have honed our expertise in diverse industries, including the Textile Machinery sector, Solar Energy, Construction Materials, Automotive and more. Our aim is to construct a comprehensive, one-stop global trade service platform that caters to the multifaceted needs of businesses operating across borders. 

Globally, our reach extends far and wide, as we collaborate closely with organizers of renowned exhibitions across various continents. We were work as channel resources from the Poznan Exhibition Company in China, fostering rich connections within the exhibition industry. From Europe's trade hubs in Russia, Poland, Germany, Spain, France, and Italy to the dynamic markets of the USA, UK, Brazil, Japan, the Middle East, Korea, Vietnam, and beyond, we actively engage with key stakeholders in each region. This expansive network empowers us to offer unparalleled opportunities for businesses seeking to expand their global presence.

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Our Team:

Our strength lies in our exceptional project operation team. Comprising seasoned professionals, our workforce boasts a remarkable track record: 70% of our employees have immersed themselves in the exhibition field for over three years, while an impressive 25% bring extensive experience of over a decade. This wealth of expertise is the cornerstone of our success, forming a cohesive and stable core team that plays a pivotal role in fostering enduring collaborations between us and our esteemed exhibitors.

Our team's collective experience signifies not just maturity but also serves as the bedrock for establishing long-term relationships with exhibitors. This depth of knowledge, garnered over years of dedicated service, allows us to understand the intricacies of the exhibition industry comprehensively. It empowers us to provide unparalleled guidance and support to exhibitors, ensuring that their needs are not only met but exceeded.

10 years exhibition industry experience
Organizing exhibitions over 20 countries across the 5 continents
Organized over 200 exhibition in the past ten years