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2024 Expotextle Pure International Textile Machinery Exhibition
2024 Expotextle Pure International Textile Machinery Exhibition
Time: 2024 OCT TBD
Location: Jockey Exhibition Center, Lima
2024 Expotextle Pure International Textile Machinery Exhibition
Market introduction
Peru International Textile and Apparel Industry Supplier Fair is the largest exhibition in the region for textiles, clothing, leather, and footwear industries. It showcases the most advanced machinery, equipment, accessories, and parts, offering a comprehensive display covering the entire industry chain. Peru's textile industry technology has been rapidly advancing each year, attracting increasing foreign investment in new technology development. The country's textile and clothing technology is steadily reaching international standards. Domestic manufacturing enterprises urgently require machinery to enhance the quality of textile and clothing products and expand production capacity, thereby adapting more quickly to globalization and benefiting from technological exchanges.

EXPOTEXTILPERU showcases cutting-edge machinery, fabrics, yarns, and services in the textile and clothing industry, serving as the best platform for suppliers and buyers to interact. The textile and clothing industry is a new growth point in Peru's economy, and EXPOTEXTILPERU, exhibiting top-notch production technology, plays a crucial role in promoting the industry's exports.

Notably, with the recent development in Peru's textile and clothing industry, the organizing committee has conducted extensive international promotion, attracting over 1,700 foreign professional visitors this year. During the event, nine fashion shows and conferences were organized, significantly enhancing the exhibition's professionalism and attractiveness, garnering unanimous praise from all exhibitors and professional buyers.

With Chinese companies gaining deeper insights into the Peruvian market, it's believed that they will bring new breakthroughs to textile and clothing machinery. EXPOTEXTILPERU is undeniably the best platform for Chinese companies to enter the Peruvian market. Therefore, we cordially invite you to explore the market opportunities in Peru.

2024 Expotextle Pure International Textile Machinery Exhibition

Exhibition introduction
The Republic of Peru, situated in the western part of South America, borders Ecuador and Colombia to the north, Brazil to the east, Chile to the south, and shares boundaries with Bolivia to the southeast. It is positioned along the Pacific Ocean, boasting a coastline that stretches 2254 kilometers. The geographical landscape transitions from tropical deserts, highlands, to tropical rainforest climates from west to east. The average annual temperatures vary between 12°C to 32°C in the western regions, 1°C to 14°C in the central areas, and 24°C to 35°C in the east.

With a land area covering 1,285,216 square kilometers, Peru has a population of approximately 28.5 million (as of 2008), consisting of 41% indigenous people, 36% of mixed European and indigenous heritage, 19% of Caucasians, and 4% of other ethnicities.

Spanish serves as the official language, and the capital city is Lima, with a population of around 8.5 million (as of 2008). The annual average temperature in Peru stands at 18.7°C.

The People's Republic of China and the Republic of Peru established official diplomatic relations in 1971. Since then, bilateral relations have experienced long-term stability and healthy development. In December 2004, the Peruvian government declared its recognition of China's market economy status. Economic cooperation between China and Peru has been growing rapidly, with Peru being one of China's main investment destinations and key trading partners in Latin America. China has become Peru's third-largest trading partner and its second-largest export market.

In 2006, the bilateral trade volume reached USD 3.919 billion, with China's exports amounting to USD 1.009 billion and imports totaling USD 2.910 billion, marking a year-on-year increase of 35.80%, 65.63%, and 27.82% respectively. China's primary exports to Peru include electromechanical equipment, high-tech products, textiles, and clothing, while major imports comprise flour, copper, and iron ores. Additionally, a Free Trade Agreement was signed between the two countries in 2009. Various enterprises, including small and medium-sized businesses, buyers, traders, distributors, manufacturers, and agents from Peru and foreign countries, have expressed successful trade intentions during the event. The on-site transaction volume reached USD 15 million, and 98% of the exhibitors expressed high satisfaction with the exhibition.

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Exhibit Scope
Textile Machinery
Spinning preparation, chemical fiber production, spinning machinery and its auxiliaries and accessories
Winding, deformation, twisting machines and their auxiliaries and accessories
Netting, bonding, and finishing machines for nonwoven fabrics and felting, as well as their auxiliaries and accessories
Weaving preparation, weaving, tufting machines and their auxiliaries and accessories
Knitting machinery and its auxiliaries and accessories
Embroidery machinery and its auxiliaries and accessories
Knitting machinery and accessories
Washing, bleaching, dyeing, drying, finishing, rolling, shearing, and folding machines and their auxiliaries and accessories
Printing and digital printing machines and their auxiliaries, inks and accessories
Clothing and other textile processing machinery and its auxiliary machinery and accessories
Laboratory testing and measuring equipment and their accessories
Transportation, handling, logistics, warehousing, and packaging equipment and accessories
Recycling equipment, waste reduction and pollution prevention equipment and their accessories
Software for design, data monitoring, processing, and integration
Dyes and textile chemicals for the textile industry
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